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Welcome to Our Store!

We at Dawn Thomas Physical Therapy believe in the value of moving forward no matter where your starting point is.
We know how amazing it feels when progress is made. There is joy in progress no matter how small.
We strive to expand our skills, be open-minded,  and approach challenges with wisdom, skill, and courage - both personally and professionally.
We strive to evolve.

Physical Products

Custom Nature Yoga Mats

These yoga mats are created with photography by Dr. Dawn Thomas.

When you shop yoga mats it will take you to another website - where some of my photography art lives.


You can choose from many beautiful scenes. These images have been crafted by me and I strongly feel they enhance the exercise, yoga, stretching, therapy experience through nature.

The yoga mats are quite thick and genuinely pieces of art on their own.

*Yoga mats require a shipping fee.

Digital Products

Walking Class Items

Shoulder Related Items

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