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I help you solve your pain problem so that you can take control of your active life.


My name is Dawn Thomas and I am a Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy. I am an expert clinician and educator in anatomy, musculoskeletal diagnosis, injury recovery, exercise and self- management. For years, I have had many requests for personalized services online or in the home. I have reinvigorated my understanding of the importance of patient education, exercise and movement instruction through providing remote services amid the pandemic crisis of 2020. I decided it was time to say "YES" to those requests and launch Dawn Thomas Physical Therapy.

I find the root of your problem.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I am an expert at empowering others at mastering movement and taking control of their personal functional goals. I am an observant and expert movement analyzer.  I can identify what  dysfunctions and imbalances are causing you to move less efficiently. I can identify what can be done to improve those imbalances: loosen what is stiff, strengthen what is weak, and stabilize through muscle training what is unstable. I can help you to identify the root cause of what is giving you pain or reduced function.


I listen to your goals and give you solutions.

I will work with you to identify your specific functional goals and map out a plan to reach those goals. I find great joy in giving you the tools to enable you to master your movement and achieve the lifestyle you strive for. I can help you meet your goals whether they are to compete in triathlon competition or to be able to stand up from a chair without pain. I can help you if you with a variety of difficulties that can arise from arthritis, joint pain, muscle strains and tears, post surgical care, pre surgical rehab, impingement syndromes, neck and back pain, pinched nerves, sports injuries, post stroke rehab and much more.

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