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Dr. Casey Masek DPT


I love movement analysis and problem solving to achieve more joyful movement.

My passion for sport led me to my career as a doctor of physical therapy. I earned my DPT degree at Oakland University in 2015 and have been learning and honing my craft since. I had the good fortune to work directly with a high caliber orthopedic surgical group of physicians and therapists which has shaped my deep knowledge and mastery of pre and post surgical rehabilitation for a wide range of orthopedic injuries. I also embraced the opportunity to work with children in the school setting to optimize their function at school. 
I am a lifelong athlete, with soccer always being my main sport. I have had the pleasure of both helping coach a travel soccer team as well as doing individualized training sessions with young athletes. I grew up playing a wide variety of sports including basketball, volleyball, football (kicker), and track. I continued to play every intramural sport offered during my undergrad and graduate time spent at OU. This background adds to my academic knowledge and gives me experiences to draw from to help my clients return to the activities that bring them joy. My competitive nature guides me in pushing my clients to achieve their goals and gives me a strong desire to see them succeed. 
Outside of work I like to soak up as much time with family as possible and get outdoors!  Taking the dogs for walks, playing with my son, gardening, playing soccer, going for hikes (exploring our national parks whenever possible), camping, disc golfing, and pickleball just to name a few.
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