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I do not participate directly with insurance companies and accept payment from the patient directly for services. This is sometimes called Out of Network or OON.

In some cases, a receipt with the pertinent information required for submission to insurance company for reimbursement can be provided. This process has gotten easier with the use of an app based company Reimbursify that I participate with.

Why Out of Network?

I want to work directly for you. 

Not participating with a insurance companies allows me the freedom to work directly for you and provide a focused, high level experience with one on one attention. Insurance companies should not dictate your needs. You and your provider should decide what you need.

Personalized care in your own environment can be more efficient and effective in progression not requiring the long term high frequency visits traditionally recommended.


Focused expert care can often be less expensive and less complicated than submitting to insurance companies efforts to restrict your services. With increasing deductibles and copays, coupled with the inflated charges of large institutions the patient often can spend thousands before their insurance with contribute only to find out that they then have restricted visits.

No prior authorizations, permissions, prescriptions or permission slips are necessary. Your needs are determined by you and Dr. Dawn.

You have access to direct communication with Dr. Dawn. I will invest in your situation with research and referrals to other professionals when needed.

You will never get a surprise bill months after your therapy is over. You will always know how much your visits will cost and you will know and understand what to expect.

You do not need a prescription from a physician to receive care. If a prescription becomes necessary or a consultation with a physician specialist would be of benefit, your doctor of physical therapy can assist in facilitating that.

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