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Dawn Thomas DScPT, OMPT

I am a physical therapist who has been engaged in multifaceted patient care since 1995. I became an orthopedic expert in 2000 with my Orthopedic Manual Therapy Certification and a Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy in 2016, both from Oakland University. I have a long professional history of working with a wide range of patients who have medical and physical limitations both orthopedic and neurological. I have spent years honing my craft of movement mastery through post graduate education, practice, a commitment to lifelong learning, teaching, and providing therapy in acute care, rehab and outpatient environments. I very much enjoy guiding clients with all stages of recovering from injury or surgery as well as enhancing mobility at all levels from basic to highly advanced. I take pride in my ability to problem-solve complex cases and apply my knowledge and skill to orthopedic and neurological conditions. I have been a collegiate athlete (Diving, Sailing, Gymnastics), and am an aging athlete (Running, Open Water Swimming, Dog Walking, Triathlon), and have decades of teaching and lifelong learning behind me and in front of me. This has earned me a unique perspective and advantage in instructing clients to meet their goals. When I am not working with patients, you can find me enjoying camping, photography, triathlon training, open water swimming, and being a sports mom.

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