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Senior Fitness

Together we will transform your functional life!

You will stand taller

Walk longer in your community

Breathe easier

Be safer

Learn how to MOVE BETTER

Reach further

Squat lower with grandkids

Lift better in the garden

When you have medical issues and some aches and pains it is hard to know how or if you can learn how to exercise and stretch safely. Senior fitness is about smashing those age brackets and feeling functionally younger than your age in years. 

Call me and tell me your functional goal. You will be surprised at what you can do.


We will discuss what your goals are at present and for the future. These goals can be anything from being able to get up from the ground or stairs with more ease, to participating skiiing, gardening or walking with less limitation. 



I will test and measure: 

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Health 

Functional Strength, Power and Muscle Endurance 

Flexibility and Range of Motion 

Aerobic Capacity and Activity Tolerance 

Balance and Coordination

Functional Outcome Measures

This means test and measures that tell us how much functionally younger you are as we put in the work. They have names like  the 6 Minute Walk, 2 Minute Step, Berg Balance Scale, Functional Gait Assessment, 30 Second Sit to Stand, Arm Curl Test, and the Activities Specific Balance Scale. You will be proud of your score tracker!


Here is where the fun starts. We will work toward incorporating strengthening, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility and balance and coordination.

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