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How Can I Fix My Bad Posture?

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

To be able to attain a good postural position that is the least stressful position for the joints in the neck you need a few things.

The flexibility in the muscles and joints to even get into the position

  1. The strength to be able to get in the ideal position

  2. The awareness of where you need to put your body in space to create the least amount of wear and tear

After you have that your work is not done.

This is where you need to be strong enough and have the muscle endurance enough in the "postural muscles" to maintain the ideal position for extended amounts of time.

The base of support for the head and neck

I think of the shoulders and upper back as the base of support for the head and neck. If the shoulders and upper back are not in good position, not strong enough to get in good position or maintain that good position then our neck suffers the consequences.

The T, Y Field Goal

Very commonly prescribed exercise for clients with neck, shoulder or back issues is the "scapular x 3" exercise. There are many nicknames for this type of series.

I call mine "T, Y and Field Goal"

The T, Y and Field Goal is very EASY to do WRONG and make your problem WORSE!

Here are the key components to pay attention to when trying this series. This can be done laying on your stomach, standing, sitting or even laying on your stomach on a therapy ball.

  1. Pillow under stomach is helping me keep myself from arching the back or putting undue stress on the low back

  2. DON'T roll the shoulders forward when doing this. This will FEED into poor posture instead of opening you up. The whole point is to open the front side of you and get the muscles on the back side of you to be more active.

  3. DON'T make the movement very big at all. When the shoulder blades are positioned correctly the movement of the hands and elbows is very small.\

Anything worth doing is worth doing right!

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