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I specialize in fixing pain and stiffness in muscles and joints to get the mature athlete back to the sport they love.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy is a treatment that focuses on improving the function of your musculoskeletal system which includes your bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This is my true area of expertise. With advanced training in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT), I am able to use these advanced skills and knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to efficiently evaluate and treat your orthopedic conditions. 

OMPT is a specialization in the understanding, evaluation and management of complex orthopedic pathology. Treatment utilizing these skills could include education and self management techniques, medical exercise instruction, functional massage, joint and soft tissue mobilization and joint manipulation.

You could benefit from orthopedic physical therapy if you have any issue involving joints, or soft tissue that is impairing your ability to participate meaningfully in the activities you enjoy. 

Treatment is focused on helping you to build up your strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

Pre or Post Surgical

If you are planning on having surgery (spine, joint replacement, rotator cuff repair), I can help you prepare by educating you on your specific situation, teach you strengthening and range of motion exercises to maximize your smooth recovery. My extensive experience in post surgical rehab will serve to speed your recovery. I take your recovery seriously and take the time to communicate with your doctor and research the latest research on your specific situation.

Overuse Injuries/ Arthritis

I often find clients that have chronic pain or stiffness due to overuse or arthritis who think they can not be helped. Once they find their way to me and I assess their unique movement dysfunction, identify the specific deficits that CAN be improved upon, work on their specific pattern of weakness and stiffness with specialized techniques there is IMPROVEMENT in function. The client is surprised, empowered to manage their orthopedic issues and enjoy activities that they can return to. 

Spine Rehab

The health of the spine with its 24 bones stacked on top of each other with discs in between is very important for the function of our bodies. Degenerative changes, herniated discs, scoliosis and stenosis are a few of the conditions I can help you manage. My background with OMPT and teaching courses regarding the spine to post-graduate physical therapists taught me the respect the intricacies of the spine and its function. Identifying the mechanical imbalances that can include joint and muscle stiffness, muscle weakness and overall core dysfunction are the keys to successful spinal rehab. 

Sports Rehab

I have a love and appreciation for sport and athleticism. My lifelong participation in a variety of competitive sport allows me to relate to athletes on many levels. Through my own competitive involvement and patient experience, I have a particular expertise in sailing, gymnastics, performing arts, diving, swimming, and most recently triathlon. Each sport comes with its unique demands and common patterns of injury. If you know what to look for in terms of muscle imbalance and movement dysfunction you can self-correct problems possibly contributing to your injury. 

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