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"Dawn's professional guidance has insured a very high quality of life for me as I enter my 76th year of life. To prepare for my hip replacement she instructed me with specific exercises to strengthen the muscles involved in the surgery.

I was rewareded with a speedy recovery which has enabled me to successfully downhill ski, run, ride my bike, ice skate and ball room dance. Nine years later I was experiencing discomfort in my "good" hip.

Dawn was able to diagnose and prescribe methods/exercises that I could do at home to eliminate the discomfort. I can continue to enjoy activties that require a variety of leg and hip motions."



I had a nasty fall down the stairs. After one failed bout of physical therapy I was recommended to Dawn by my doctor. Since the day I met Dawn I will not go to another physical therapist. She listened to me and helped me put myself back together. I will always be grateful to her for all of the specialized attention. I recommend anyone to to to her for physical therapy. 



A perfect combination of tough and warm. Dawn works with the whole person, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I am forever grateful for her compassion and warmth.



I had the wonderful good fortune of arriving under your care for the task of learning to walk again. My road back to walking was helped so much by your incredible skill and remarkable talent. You pulled me back up when I lost momentum and felt defeated and celebrated my victory steps; first baby steps then confident strides.

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